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  • Raise Money for Breast Cancer Research

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  • An attractive merchandiser that draws customers
  • Easy to locate
  • Sells #1 Brand Kerr’s Candies
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Wes is from Minnesota and he is just one of our many happy customers. So why not join our Team and start your journey towards Financial Independence TODAY.

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Owning Your Own All Cash Business is Not a Dream Anymore

You Can Raise Money and Create Awareness for Breast Cancer Research When You Own the Best All Cash Home Based Business Ever –

Sweets for a Cause
Cash-O-Matic Profit Centers


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Accessit Corp, a manufacturer and distributor of high quality, ​cash producing Business Opportunities​, is proud to announce the launch of the ​Sweets for a Cause Cash-O-Matic Profit Center Program, a unique ​program that will support major Breast Cancer Research facilities across Canada and the US. These facilities consist of Foundations, Hospitals and Institutions across Canada and the US that are doing the great work in searching for a cure for this terrible disease. ​All funds raised from this program stay in the province and state that they were raised.​

The Sweets for a Cause​ Program consists of High Quality ​Cash-O-Matic Profit Centers filled with the #1 Brand Kerr’s Candies. These Profit Centers will be placed in the best locations across Canada and the US and will provide major exposure​ and awareness for Breast Cancer Research in each province and state.

A portion of the proceeds is forwarded to Accessit Corp from all the Vendors who own Profit Centers each month.​ These Donations are then forwarded to the respective Breast Cancer Research Facilities in the Provinces and States where the Donations originated.

Our goal is to raise a minimum of $50,000.00 in our first year (2017) to be distributed to the various Breast Cancer Research Facilities across Canada and $100,000.00 + in year 2 in the US.

​We have raised $45,322.00 to date for Breast Cancer Research in Canada.​ This figure of course will grow in proportion to the number of Profit Centers​ placed across Canada and the US each year.

Beat the Rush

We are now appointing Sweets for a Cause Cash-O-Matic Profit Center Dealers on a first come first serve basis right across Canada and the US.

Be the first in your area and take advantage of this terrific once in a lifetime Business Opportunity.

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Our Support

We are proud to announce the Sweets for a Cause Cash-O-Matic Profit Center Program.

This program donates money to the leading Institutions, Hospitals and Foundations dedicated to creating a world without Breast Cancer.

To learn more about these Great Facilities:

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Sweets for a Cause Program 2017

Sweets for a Cause

  • Quality Cash-O-Matic Profit Centers
  • Assortment of Kerr’s Candies
  • Secure Lock Tie Cash Box
  • Canvas Zippered Money Bags
  • BEST All CASH Home Based Business
  • Monthly donations made to Breast Cancer Research Facilities

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  • Low Start Up Cost

  • Your Cash-O-Matic Profit Centers are really easy to transport and place in the best merchants premises in your area because they take up very little room (no bigger than a shoe box).

  • Excellent Location Assistance Available.

  • Highest Profit provides a Potential Return on your investment in As Little As 30 days. Such a quick ROI was unheard of until now.

  • Cash-O-Matic Profit Centers are filled with delicious #1 Brand KERR’S CANDIES. Simply Irresistible since 1895. Customers will keep coming back for more time and time again every day.

  • You will be supporting a Great Cause raising money for Breast Cancer Research in each Province or State. Your monthly donation is applied to the Breast Cancer Research Facility in your Province or State.

  • Cash-O-Matic Profit Centers are Heavy Duty, Extra Tough & Durable with Maximum Impact Litho Laminated Dynamic Graphics Plus a Secure Lock Tie Cash Box.

  • No Interest Financing is available for certain packages.


Cash-O-Matic Profit Centers WIN in all other comparable categories versus Vending for example.

  • Lowest Cost per unit compared to Vending (at least 20 times cheaper).

  • Easy to transport and carry.

Multiple Profit Centers can be placed in a small car.

  • Profit Centers are very light to carry so your kids can help plus if you are injured or disabled you can still carry these light boxes filled with candies.

  • Easy to service simply replace with a full Profit Center.

High Sales will result automatically because these Profit Centers will be placed in the PRIME REAL ESTATE COUNTERSPACE in major high traffic locations where they will receive maximum visual exposure.

  • Almost every business is a potential location for a Profit Center, such as: Industrial Lunchrooms, Office Lunchrooms & Reception Areas, Restaurants, Recreation Facilities, Garages Big & Small, etc.

  • No mechanical parts to break down.

  • Kerr’s Candies have a long shelf life of up to 3 years.

  • Quickest Fastest Return on investment of any All Cash Business Opportunity ever offered.

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Cash-O-Matic Profit Centers Filled with Delicious Kerr’s Candies?

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