Latest Sales Results

Latest Sales Results 2017-05-09T14:16:50+00:00

Dear Potential Customer,

We have just started to receive some exciting sales results from the Sweets for Success Countertop Profit Centers.
These results confirm what we believed all along that this All Cash Business Opportunity is by far the BEST EVER DEVELOPED.
The locations aren’t specified in detail but generalized in category unless a national chain whereby actual name is detailed.

Following Sales were for the first month and should increase each month thereafter because we are creatures of habit and if you have a good experience with a good product, in this case Kerr’s Candies, you will likely return on a regular basis for more.

#1 DINERS GRILL $37.00
#2 MARKET PLACE $26.00
#3 AUTOMOTIVE $41.00
#6 NAIL SALON $24.25
#8 HAIR SALON $42.75
#9 NAIL SALON $35.50
#10 DAIRY QUEEN $58.00
#11 RESTAURANT $24.25
#12 RESTAURANT $58.75
#13 RESTAURANT $18.50
#15 JOEY’S SEAFOOD $46.00

These are only a few of the many sales results we will be posting.

JUST IMAGINE if you had only 25 Countertop Profit Centers averaging only $20.00 total sales each month. That would provide you with a GROSS NET INCOME of $5,000.00 for every 25 CPC’s you own and your INVESTMENT WOULD START FROM ONLY $1,350.00.

That is an INCREDIBLE OVER 300% RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT. You cannot or will not find that rate of return anywhere else.

Now you know what the conservative estimate is for 25 Countertop Profit Centers are, you simply do the math and start at whatever level best suits your budget and at whatever potential income you desire to fulfill your hopes and dreams.

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