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Small Vending Machines Deliver BIG BENEFITS
for Charities Worldwide

Paul Shepperson President with Tom Semeniuk CEO
Displaying their Innovative Vending Lines.

Tom Semeniuk and Paul Shepperson’s passion for creating products led them on the path to invent the world’s first counter top vending machine called Mini Max which is the latest edition of successful Vending Fund Raising Programs starting with the Treasure Chest Vending Giveaway then the Vending for Hope Program. The 11-inch tall Mini Max machine dispenses candies with the purpose of funding Breast Cancer Research Facilities across Canada and the US. These Counter Top Charitable Fund Raising machines will debut in retailers across Canada beginning in late 2018.Over the past 13 years, Tom & Paul’s Winnipeg-based company, Accessit Corp, has supported various charities in North America. Since 2010, the ‘Treasure Chest Vending Giveaway’ program has displayed the faces of missing children while raising $358,828.64 to date for the Missing Children Society of Canada based in Calgary. And through their ‘Vending for Hope’ and now the ‘Mini Max Profit Centers’ under the Sweets for a Cause program, they have raised $51,303.00 to date for Breast Cancer Research Facilities across Canada and the United States.

Vending Machines are sold to Owner/Operators who are interested in running their own business and they in turn forward a minimum donation each month for the Charity.

All moneys raised for Breast Cancer Research stay in the Province or States in which the donations were raised.

Tom Semeniuk also had designed a line of Small Candy Machines that have also raised a lot of money for Charities Globally from 2003 on such as: Heartkids Australia, Heart Children New Zealand, Children’s Wish in Malaysia. Accor in Thailand, Singapore Children’s Society, Variety Hong Kong Ltd. Cry in India, Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation Ireland, Make A Wish UK, Al Noor Dubai, Make A Wish Mexico, Mobile School Belgium.

The Treasure Chest Vending Giveaway Program plus other Candy Vending Machines have had a successful.close working relationship with the Missing Children’s Society of Canada since 2005.

Craig Peterson, Director of Business Development at Missing Children Society of Canada commented, “Over 47,000 children were reported missing in Canada during 2017 and the partnership with Accessit Corp’s charity vending machine program is crucial to raising awareness and funds for their national charity.” Peterson also emphasized, “Through donations raised, the Society is continuing to reunite families with their missing children across Canada.”

Pictures of the missing children are placed on top of each vending machine and are distributed regionally so that the area where the child went missing is highlighted with that child in that region.

This fall the Mini Max program will be launched across Canada and the US. These specially designed machines let people spend their pocket change in return for a handful of candies while empowering Breast Cancer Research Facilities across Canada and the US.

The Merchants who allow placement of these machines in their premises receive a very nice Certificate of Appreciation that they can place on their wall to display their support for a good charitable cause.

Tom Semeniuk, CEO of Accessit Corp. says, “Our mission is to offer a new and original channel for charitable giving within retail environments.” Semeniuk added, “It’s a sustainable fundraising model which is a step up from the collection box style of raising money.”

Paul Shepperson, President of Accessit Corp. says, “Our plan is to establish this new category in fundraising to expand our reach and scope with new vending machine owner/operators, retailers as well as local and national charities to achieve our donation targets. Our Goal is to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for Breast Cancer Research across North America over the next few years.”

If you are a charity, retailer or a potential owner/operator and would like further information on any of our vending machine programs, visit:

Charities supported by Accessit Corps Treasure Chest Vending Giveaway Program are:

The Missing Children Society of Canada
The National Children’s Cancer Society in the United States

About Accessit Corp.:

Accessit Corp. is a cutting-edge innovator of successful high cash producing vending concepts for the 21st century. The principles of the company have over 50+ years of combined work experience in the vending industry and vending route management.   Accessit Corp. is a Canadian based company headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba and distribute as well as manufacture our own high-quality vending machines.

About Missing Children Society of Canada:

Established in 1986, Missing Children Society of Canada (MCSC) provides investigational support to law enforcement as well as family support in cases of missing children throughout Canada. Over the past 6 years, the organization has pioneered an innovative new technology-driven search network that harnesses the power of technology for crowd sourcing, public social media reach and corporate infrastructure footprint. To learn more, visit

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