Master Distributorship Application

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Master Distributorship Opportunity from Accessit Corp

We are now assigning Master Distributorships across the USA on a 1 per 5 million Populace ratio.

As a Master Distributor you will have the benefits of Multiple Revenue Streams from our successful Cash Producing Business Opportunity Programs.

You will have 3 strong Programs to offer your clients and you will receive full support and training from Head Office in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.

The Principals of Accessit Corp Tom & Paul have over 60 years of combined experience in the Vending Industry and have new and innovative Programs launching soon on top of the already tested and proven 3 Programs included with your MD Territory Agreement.

Cost per MD Territory is $150,000.00 USD to all who Qualify.

The MD Agreement can be passed down to your children from generation to generation and could  provide them with a Financially Independent Lifestyle for many years to come.

Please fill out the Net Worth Form as your first step in securing your Territory as we expect this offering to be sold out very quickly.

Net Worth Form for those Applying for a Master Distributorship

To complete the assessment process of your application, please fill out the following Net Worth Statement.

The following information submitted will be held totally confidential and to be used solely for the assessing of potential applicants by Accessit Corp. Please state all values in US Dollars.