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2 Mini Max Countertop Profit Centers


  • Provides the World’s # 1 Brand Candies from Mars – M&M and Skittles in the most convenient accessible area on countertops in every category of business, dispensed from an attractive little Vending Machine called Mini Max.Takes up only 1/2 sq ft of counter space.
  • Raises money for Breast Cancer Research in each province and state. All monies raised in a particular province or state stays in that province or state. Each vendor of Mini Max Profit Centers pays a monthly royalty to Accessit Corp, who in turn forwards these donations to the designated Breast Cancer Research Facility in each province or state. We estimate that a minimum of $50,000.00 will be raised in the first year (2018) in Canada plus a minimum of $100,000.00 + in year 2 for the US and this figure will grow considerably each year thereafter.