Aquiring Locations

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You can find locations for your MINI MAX Profit Centres a couple of different ways:

#1. You do the locating yourself. (Preferred Method)

We will provide you with the following material you need to successfully find your own locations in your time.

  • Comprehensive Tools For Success Kit contains a Locating Manual – Bookkeeping Forms – Glossy Pics of the MINI MAX Profit Centers, Personalized letter of Introduction from the Accessit Corp which describes the fund raising program in detail with your name in the letter. This is handed to the Merchant when you place your Machines and it helps to educate the Merchant on the Fund Raising Program. View Sample Letters: Canadian | US
  • You can sign up for tutorial training session with an experienced professional Locator.
  • A Certificate of Appreciation in a frame that you show the Merchant and tell them if they allow the placement of your MINI MAX Profit Center in their premises they will receive this beautifully framed Personalized Certificate of Appreciation from Accessit Corp that he or she can mount on their Wall of Fame along with their other awards for community service. This means a lot to most Merchants as it displays to their patrons that they are supporting a great cause in helping to raise money for Breast Cancer Research in their own province or state. View Sample Certificates: Canadian | US
  • You will receive a full script of what to say and the best approved way to represent yourself in support of the Breast Cancer Research in your province or state.
  • You can also sign up for a comprehensive tutorial by phone direct with a professional locator. Call us for more details on this program.

We strongly recommend that you acquire your own locations because the Sweets for a Cause Program of raising money for Breast Cancer Research is so powerful that we truly believe you do not have to possess any real sales skills to make a simple presentation to the merchant.

​Because the MINI MAX is so portable you should make your presentation for location acquisition by carrying a MINI MAX Machine with you to show the Merchant just how little space it takes up and how good it would look on the counter,​ ​Also​ almost everyone is connected to this terrible disease in one way or another and in our preliminary tests we have conducted, approximately 9 out of 10 merchants said that they would love to have a Sweets for a Cause ​MINI MAX Machine​ in their premises.

​Note. We have seen excellent results with some of our dealers ​with no previous sales experience ​placing 20+ MINI MAX Profit Centers each day as opposed to a regular floor model which you might be lucky to place 2 or 3 a day.​​​

QUESTION: What Type of Location Should I be Looking For?

The MINI MAX Countertop Profit Centre does not take up much space, about half the size of a shoebox in size, making it easy to find counter space in locations of any type that has any foot traffic or staff. These could range from Restaurants, Industrial, Recreational Facilities, Auto Dealerships, Offices, etc. The location possibilities are endless. Almost everyone loves ​to treat themselves to delicious M&M®’s & Skittles®​ on a regular basis​. Many smokers have a sweet tooth and because they can’t smoke indoors they are​ also​ prime candidates as repeat customers every day.

PLUS ​You will find that this powerful program has a huge WOW factor of appreciation from most everyone you will come in contact with.

#2. You can hire the services of a Locating Company to find sites for your MINI MAX Profit Centers.

Most locations are acquired by the telemarketing process.

You choose the area you want your MINI MAX Profit Centers to be located and then the locators will call the businesses in that area.

We can forward name(s) of such companies for you to contact.