Cash-O-Matic Profit Centers

Cash-O-Matic Profit Centers 2017-08-24T16:41:41+00:00

Box Specifications

Height: 12″

Length: 11 1/2″

Width: 8″

Capacity: 250 individually wrapped assorted Kerr’s Candies

Separate Coin Box: Secured with a Lock Tie

Colours: Traditional colours that are associated with Breast Cancer Merchandise

Construction: Heavy Duty Extra Tough & Durable Point of Purchase Display material with Litho Laminated Dynamic Graphics. Industrial Strength Acrylic Lid with High Tension Memory Hinge.

Marketing Features: The superior eye catching design of the Countertop Profit Centers will get noticed first and generate a lot of attention because funds are being raised for Breast Cancer Research across Canada and the US, plus the fine assortment of the best selling Kerr’s Candies will attract and appeal to many consumers on a regular basis.

Also, the Security Lid adds confidence for merchants to allow placement in their Prime Visual Countertop locations.

High Capacity Heavy Duty Cash Box

Holds More Than $70.00

Canvas Zippered Money Bag