How Much Can I Earn?

How Much Can I Earn? 2017-08-29T15:48:41+00:00

Net Worth Valuation

Businesses are valued at minimum approximately 3 times their Gross Net Profit per Year. Based on that formula, if for example your 50 Cash-O-Matic Profit Centers averaged just 3 sales each per day, your business would have an appraised value of approximately $24,000.00.

You would now have increased your net worth by over 9 times in just 12 months plus have created a steady All Cash Income of almost $4000.00 per year that requires very little of your time to service. Plus all of the tax benefits of owning your own home based business.

This is a good average to base all your future earning projections on. You can take these projections and multiply them to give you the income you wish to generate. This will help you choose the appropriate package of Cash-O-Matic Profit Centers based on your budget and the lifestyle you want.

There is only one way for you to achieve your financial goals and live the lifestyle you have always dreamed of, and that is to take that first step and start your own business.

We feel we have developed the best all cash home based business ever offered and if you put your faith in us, I promise to not let you down and help you every step of the way in your journey to achieving Financial Independence.

Tom Semeniuk – CEO, Accessit Corp.