Kerr’s Candy Selection

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Canada’s #1 Brand Candy

It is extremely important to provide a #1 Brand Candy to consumers so we have chosen the best of the best. Our Candy Supplier for the Sweets for a Cause Program is Kerr’s Candies, who have a long history of manufacturing these delicious Candies since 1895.

These Candies are made with Natural Flavors and Colours.

Most people are familiar with Kerr’s Candies and their Irresistible Delicious Flavours and that is what will keep customers coming back to your Countertop Profit Center Box time and time again, day after day. We have selected their top 6 sellers for our program.

Clear Mints

Refreshing hard candies naturally flavoured with peppermint oil.

Fruit Drops

Traditional hard candies made with real lemon, lime, orange and anise oils. Flavours include: cherry, orange, lemon, lime and anise.


Soft fruit taffies made with natural colours and flavours in: watermelon, blue raspberry, green apple and orange.

Maple Toffee

A soft creamy candy made with real maple syrup.

Filled Bon Bons
(Deluxe Fruit)

Hard candy with soft fruit purée centres in orange, raspberry, blueberry, lemon, strawberry, cranberry, pear and tangerine.

Chocolate Mints

Peppermint hard candy shell with a delicious centre of chocolate layered between thin sheets of peppermint candy.

Kerr's Candies Licorice Toffee

Licorice Toffee

Our classic milk toffee flavored with natural anise oil.