MARS® #1 Brand Candies Worldwide

MARS® #1 Brand Candies Worldwide2018-05-07T14:33:11+00:00

Now that you have gained access to the most Prime Area to place a small Vending Machine and that is a countertop next to the cash register etc you want to provide the best product that consumers are very familiar with and as creatures of habit will come back for time and time again.

The answer to that is simple: Mars® M&M®’s and Skittles®. Without a doubt the World’s #1 Candy in any consumer survey ever conducted.

We should know because from 2003 to 2010 we sold the larger floor model type Candy Vending Machines in over 20 Countries through Franchise Trade Shows and wherever we went there was one common thread of Candy popularity and that was M&M®’s and Skittles® which were always the first choice when it came to popularity.

Plus Mars® advertises extensively their top brands and you receive the full benefit of their advertising every time a consumer plunks a quarter in your Mini Max Profit Center.

Of course the Mini Max Machine can vend most other types of Candies but “Why not go with the best?” is our Motto.

The Mars® Products come in Bulk Cases of 11.4 kgs or 25# each and are available through most wholesalers in Canada and the US.

We will connect you with the closest wholesaler to you for this product availability and then they will stock these items for you if they don’t already.