Ordering Procedure

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You have decided that Sweets for a Cause program is the right business opportunity for you and you want to be the first in your area with the Countertop Profit Center Boxes. You can order all the items needed to start your own Sweets for a Cause Business online using our convenient fully secure order form or you can follow the ordering procedure as outlined below.

To order online:

Click Here

What is the next step?

  1. First review the different Countertop Profit Centre Packages and decide on the package that best fits your budget or the package that will provide you with the lifestyle that you have always wanted.
  2. Next, go to the Free Sweets for a Cause Proposal Form and fill it out and submit it to us. We will then review your application and then based on your information, we will draw up a good proposal and send it by email for your review.
  3. A company representative will then call you to answer any questions you may have.
  4. If everything is in order, all that is left to determine is the method of payment. We accept all major credit cards or a bank wire.
  5. Once we receive your payment your order is then assembled and shipped within 2 business days.
  6. As soon as your order is shipped you will receive your waybill tracking # by email so you can then monitor your order and arrange for a pre-determined delivery time. Our freight carrier does deliver right to your door.
  7. When you receive your order we recommend that you check your delivery boxes for any exterior damage and that all the boxes have arrived as per the order. If you notice any damaged boxes, have the drive indicate that on the waybill.
  8. After you assembled your Countertop Profit Centres, the next step is to find locations for them. Please refer to Aquiring Locations. You can either locate them yourself or we can refer you to a locating company that can provide that service.
  9. When delivering your boxes, you can use a van, truck or car as they do not take up very much space. You can place quite a few boxes in one trip. You can fill your boxes with assorted Kerr’s Candies before you deliver them.
  10. The last part of running your Sweets for a Cause business is the best part. You should service your boxes every 1 to 2 weeks. When servicing your boxes, simply replace the empty or used box with a full one and then you can refill it in your car after you have removed the Lock Tie, removed the coin, placed the coin in your money bag, and put in a new Lock Tie. Or, you can rotate x number of boxes and do the change over at home. You can either count and roll your cash or some banks will pay you on the weights of the cash.