Technical Specs

Technical Specs2018-10-24T16:23:40+00:00
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Mini Max Anti Theft Device

MINI MAX Profit Center Specifications

Height: 11.5″

Width: Product Globe 9.75″ | Machine Base 7.5″

Weight: Empty 4.25 lbs | Full of Candy 7.5 lbs

Product Globe Capacity: Full with Candy 3.3 lbs

Coin Mechanism: Chemically Hardened Die Cast Metal can be tooled to accommodate any International Currency

Colours: High Luster Breast Cancer Pink with Black Trim

Construction: Product Globe – Thick Shatterproof Polycarbonate | Machine Base – Chemically Hardened Die Cast Metal

Warranties: Full Lifetime Parts & Warranty

Insurance: Lifetime Vandalism & Theft Insurance

Patents: Patented

Mechanical Features:

A) The MINI MAX is revolutionary in design because it is miniaturized to allow it to fit in any location on a counter, on a stand or a wall mount. The MINI MAX holds a large capacity of candies and an owner/operator can realize retail sales of over $60.00 when the product globe is sold out.

B) The coin mechanism eliminates costly service calls because if a coin smaller than the vended requested coin is inserted, the coin mechanism does not jam. The coin simply falls directly into the cash box but no product is dispensed.

C) The base is made of a durable quality Rosewood finish and is similarly designed to match, compliment and blend in with the MINI MAX almost as one and more than simply a machine on a base. Together they create a stunning attractive candy vending merchandiser.

D) The octagonal 8 sided structure design of the product globe increases it’s strength many times over competitors conventional round or square product globes.

E) Spill tray “Built into Base” eliminates candy spillage.

F) Large capacity cash box holds over $70.00 in quarters.

G) Each MINI MAX Profit Center comes with an anti theft device which consists of a secure stabilizer anchor on the back of the base. We provide the wire and rivets that can attach under the leg of a cash register or any other nearby anchoring fixture.

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